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We use a unique method of obtaining natural looking web backlinks which is what search engines love. "Free web links" and "Build web cross links" find our website in the top 2-3 positions of Google worldwide.

Getting your web site visible in the top pages of the (non sponsored) search engines is a 3 stage process:

Stage 1 - identify the keywords and key phrase that you want to target - these will be the ones used most often in search engine requests, have lower competition and are relevant to your business, i.e. have a high conversion from visiting to actual profits. Competition on page 1 will be studied to see how many inbound web links they already have and other common factors to achieving page 1 success.

Stage 2 - update your web site to make sure these keywords are tuned in the best possible way into your site. There are many key areas, not always in the visible part of the web site.

The above 2 stages are a one off exercise and take just a matter of days.

Stage 3 - This is a longer term process spread over months where Rubywebdesign can build natural looking web backlinks using our unique resource of 60,000+ registered web sites users on We can use keyword matching so that we only ask related themed web sites to link to your web site, and we vary the anchor text on the web links. This results in a randomised set of web sites and IP address, so that there is no pattern to detect, and your search engine positions will not get penalised by the recent PENGUIN and PANDA releases of the Google search engine. We use other 'white hat' optimisation techniques to make sure the full arsenal of seo tools is deployed such as tags, content, exact match URLs and social media.

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We can also offer a management service for Pay Per Click campaigns.


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